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Helping People….Changing Lives

Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. incorporates a holistic, asset-focused, anti-poverty model into service provision.  

This is a customer driven, strength based, holistic model that assists customers in progressing toward economic security on a scale that ranges from “Crisis” to “Thriving”. Progress is measured using Family Development Matrices and Continuums that are based on the ROMA (Results Orientated Management Accountability) anti-poverty framework. Long term financial education is provided by staff members that are trained and certified in financial social work, the goal of which is to empower individuals to make sound, financial decisions that will lead to economic security and the accumulation of wealth.


    • COI currently works with customers in the areas of: housing, health, child care, child and youth development, financial literacy, and small business development.
    • All Customers enter through a centralized intake system that creates a centralized electronic file and identifies all services for which the customer may be eligible.
    • A Family Development Plan is developed with the customer that includes long and short term goals. This plan follows the customer through services and is continually reinforced and updated. This allows for longitudinal tracking of customer progress.
    • All services within the organization are integrated and focus on asset development from a cognitive behavior model.
    • Case management is centralized and is focused on life coaching.
    • Centralized life skills provide customized peer support groups focused on life changes that emphasize behavioral modification and support, delayed gratification, planned decision making, and building natural supports with the community.
  • COI’s Family Development Matrix and Continuums have been validated as reliable measurement tools by the University of Buffalo Center for Social Work Research.